Title: Behind the Metrics: what do the numbers tell us about trends in our sector? (click on image to view presentation)

Presenter: Chris Owen, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University

Changing Contexts: Diversity - LGBT - Ethnicity - Mental Health & Wellbeing

Title: High Vis Project: Creating diverse communities within Journalism: A collaborative attainment intervention with students and staff. 

Author: Josephine Collins and Kath Melani

Title: Transformational acts: The inclusive Teaching Unit in Art & Design.  More Info

Author: Terry Finnegan

Title: Open Acts Objects: Inspiring New Ways of Looking/Engaging with New Communities. More Info

Author: Leah Clark & Amy Charlesworth

Title: Onsite/Offsite…Insight…Out of Sight? Commuter Students in Art and Design/Higher Educatio. More Info

Author: Dr Kirsten Hardie

The External Environment

Title: Metrics vs Innovation: Understanding the Value of Art and Design Education. More Info

Author: Kirsteen Aubrey

Title: How is Government Policy shaping our future?  Is an art and design education just about getting a conventional job or a high income ? More Info

Author: Wendy Mason

Title: Measuring student success – are there alternative metrics? More Info

Author: Professor Jess Power (click on image to view PPP)

Title: TEACHING AS PRACTICE? Illustrated Lightning Talk.

A brief exploration of the concept of Teaching as Practice with reference to the Educational Turn, respectful nods to the demands of the TEF/REF, together with an acknowledgement of the particularity of Art School Pedagogies. This proposal relates to the External Environment theme of the conference and the current and future perceptions of Art and Design education. The subject is in relation to my ongoing research into and around the Pedagogy of the FAD (Art & Design Foundation Diploma) and is proposed as a lightening talk with the hope of promoting continued conversation, connecting with interested collaborators and developing inclusive networks.

Author: Joan Beadle 

Student Success: Recruitment - Progression - Retention

Learning Spaces

Title: Where are the next generation of Art and Design undergraduates going to come from, and how do we inspire the next generation in Art and Design? More Info

Author: Ann-Marie-Carey

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 08.50.26.png

Title: The Creative Bridge: A model for curriculum development. More Info Copy of Presentation

Author: Dr Caroline Pullee & Tracy Pritchard 

Title: Engaging with the City: utilising spaces outside the university as places for transformative learning through collaborative vertical studio teaching in art and design practices.  More Info

Author: Fabrizio Cocchiarella & Joe McCullagh

Title: 2018: A Virtual Learning Space Odyssey – A case study of the Aula Piolet at Ravensbourne University London. More Info

Author: Rosemary Stott and Middel Lauritzen (click on image to view presentation)